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The Podcast

Dedicated to the stories of the graduates of the self-employment training program. The people all around you who you didn't even realize had taken part in this training. This is our chance to listen and learn from them... one entrepreneur at a time.

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Image by Dan Meyers

The Naive Pioneer

In the first episode of the Albertapreneur Podcast, host Jason Bacon sits down with Gillian Nish, founder of execuserv plus inc. who has graduated more than 1,600 entrepreneurs through the self-employment training program in the past 22 years. A self described "Naive Pioneer".

The Naive PioneerAlbertapreneur
00:00 / 31:15


Time Service Mastery

We sit down with David Lanz, the founder of Accrual Accounting to talk about how he thinks about time and how he serves his customers. 

00:00 / 25:05


Image by Brett Jordan

No One Knows What They're Doing

In this episode we have a chat with Tim Hachkowski, who is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. Always thinking about how he can create value and has had experience in more than one business, including creating and selling a business with a partner. Listen now to understand that no one really knows what they're doing. 

No one knows what they're doingAlbertapreneur
00:00 / 28:06


Flock of Fools

We chat with Sarah Christensen about her journey from tattoo artist to full blown entrepreneur and how she found connections, opportunity and support with her Flock of Fools. And the best part? We have a chat while she gives host, Jason Bacon, a tattoo. 

00:00 / 25:45
Image by Shubham Shrivastava
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